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More Nazareth photos

This is Krissie friend Sarita and her kids Nano and Junior.
The beautiful country side, unfortunately littered with garbage. And some local construction, resembling the past.





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The Pig dogs

We saw the red one again! And this is candy one of Krissie neighbour's dogs, not painted red.



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Yesterday we went to Nazareth!

Yesterday we went I visit the village Krissie will live in most of her time here. It's beautiful.




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It rained last night

We bought avocados bananas and watermelon to snack on when we got back from Liberation. Then it started raining so since we didn't want to go out we made a super fancy kraft dinner dinner. Yum!
I'll take a picture of the tiny dogs soon for you Amy. There are also more photos in the gallery section.


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20140507_164638.jpgYesterday we went to a village called Liberation. Krissie explained this was essentially the projects. The government had uprooted a community that lived along the ocean because they intended to clean up and commercialize the coast. I think this was in 2010 but the coast is not particularly tidy yet. Those living in Liberation are now packed together, living on top of each other, often a family of 15 in just one small apartment. We went with the mission group up to the village. The group repainted the clinic, while Krissie Graham and I visited with her friends Wilfren and Rodelvis at Wilfren's family's Colmado (corner store). They laughed at how white people all look the same and taught us (laughed at us again lol) more Spanish. Rodelvis even gave me a short ride on his Moto! They are super lovely and we'll probably play Uno with them on sunday. 20140507_161819.jpg

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Sam' last meal in the DR

Sam is leaving us today to go back to the real world or work and cold weather. We had some delicious pasteries is at the belgian bakery in cabarete


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The view


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Casa Blanca


We are staying in the casa Blanca in the neighbourhood of Los Charamicos in the city of Sosua. The house is so beautiful. It's white inside and out, like many of the buildings here and has 2 rooms, a kitchen, bathroom, and a living room dining room combo. The house is less than 2 feet from the street and about 10 steps from a cliff that overlooks the bay. The view is amazing. The dark flat horizon stretches out to the left interrupted only by a few boats. Across the bay are some fancy looking hotels, and then we have a view of the entire Sosua Playa (beach). The waves crash loudly under the cliffs and crawl up the sandy playa just until they touch the legs of our blue and green lounge chairs. The food is lovely, rice and beans daily often with chicken, fish, or fried plantains, and right to us in the beach.
The streets are full of people sauntering to and from the market, motos, and lots of little dogs. Mostly really little dogs that kindof look like chiwawas but really resemble little pigs, especially when they lie down. When we were in town the other day we noticed one of the small pig dogs that seemed to have been dyed red. We don't know why. Things are different here, but we love it.

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Leaving on a jet plane!

We Are on our way! Time for the first of many airport selfies.large_20140429_082855.jpg

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Testing the email to blog function

Using the email to blog function may be easier than logging in, so lets give it a go.
Hopefully we'll do a lot of this in Rai Leh, in Muang Thialand!


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